Steve founded Diamond Head Financial Advisors in 2009. Prior to founding Diamond Head Financial, Mr. Connell worked as a partner with the Capital Group Companies until 2007. He joined Capital in 1994, relocated to Japan in 1996, and managed up to $5 billion investing in the global electronics industry from Japan where he gained a reputation as a semiconductor industry expert. Mr. Connell was the top-ranked analyst at Capital in 1999. In 2006 he was distinguished for having outperformed one of his benchmark indexes for five years in a row. Mr. Connell’s biggest investment success at Capital was a 20-fold profit from the company’s $1 billion investment in Samsung Electronics in 1998.

In 1983, Mr. Connell began his career in GE’s Financial Management Training Program at GE Aircraft Engines in Cincinnati, which he completed in 1986. Upon completion, he become the Operations Finance Manager at GE’s Aircraft Engine overhaul facility in Ontario, California. In 1988, Mr. Connell was a Finance Manager for GE’s Business Development operation in Hong Kong. Subsequently, he worked in London at GE’s European headquarters as a Finance Manager for the GE-Tungsram joint venture.

Mr. Connell holds an MBA from the London Business School (1994) and a BA degree in Government from Harvard University (1981).


Portfolio Manager & V.P. of Business Development

Courtlin oversees the Diamond Head Financial Deep Value strategy. He is responsible for conducting fundamental research on companies and industries with a focus on competitive advantages, valuation, and cash flow analysis.  Courtlin also monitors macroeconomic data points and recommends stock-specific investment ideas for Diamond Head Financial's other investment strategies.  

Prior to joining Diamond Head Financial, Courtlin was the Investment Specialist for the Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System, an $11 billion public pension fund based in Honolulu, Hawaii. He rebalanced the Plan's portfolio quarterly, constructed models to forecast the Plan's long-term cash needs, monitored the investment performance and operations of the Plan’s outside investment managers, and conducted due diligence on prospective asset managers. 

Courtlin began his career in 2001 at the General Electric Company in the Strategic Planning department of the Medical Information Technology division. Subsequently, he worked as a financial analyst in General Electric’s Global Information Exchange division.

Courtlin holds an MBA from the Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii (2007), an M.S. degree in Ecology & Complex Adaptive Systems from the University of Hawaii (2010) and a B.S. degree in Financial Risk Management from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University “Virginia Tech” (2004).

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